Currently reading: Saab sale rumours intensify
Turkish consortium and Indian car maker Mahindra reported to be eyeing purchase

The administrator handling Saab's bankruptcy is reported to have received interest in buying the brand from a Turkish consortium with backing from its government and Indian car maker Mahindra.

However, neither party has confirmed their interest in buying Saab, and it is not clear if they want to acquire the brand, the company or its tooling hardware and technology know-how. Many of Saab's assets were sold or used to secure loans in the run up to its demise.

It is also unclear if either party would get the backing of GM if it wanted to buy Saab. The former owner of Saab blocked any deal with potential Chinese investors, as it didn't want them to have access to its technology, which was under licence to Saab.

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Azurite 3 January 2012

Re: Saab sale rumours intesify

Ron, I must apologise if you were offended by my digging a hole. I hadn't realised it could be considered at all wrong for a family forum. :)

TBH, I've only just stared calling Saab, SAAB. I'll revert to the former and am happy to be set right - thank you!

Nevertheless some others here call Saab, SAAB. :)

BTW, I wonder if SAAB, FIAT and KIA became words because they could be. If BMW had been BAW maybe it would now be Baw or even Baur! :) It's interesting to note the difference one letter makes..............BMW, generally highly regarded, unlike BMC, which conjures a totally different image. ;)

tromgolf 3 January 2012

Re: Saab sale rumours intesify

I could not agree with you more. Having forced the 9-3 to use an obsolete floor pan and in so doing turned off many traditional Saab purchasers (Saab's customer retention/loyalty used to be the envy of many) which in turn of course speeded the demise of the company GM really have got a bloody nerve trying to block any rescue bids.

ronmcdonald 3 January 2012

Re: Saab sale rumours intesify

Azurite wrote:

I prefer SAAB. Anyway, I've dug my hole and it's now too deep to get out of. :)

Oooooh! Too much information, this is a family forum remember. Sounds like both you and Saab are in the sh1t.