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Volvo sets ambitious targets for 2020; PSA increases 2008 crossover production; Infiniti appoints new vice president

Volvo aims to sell one million cars per year in the long-term, according to domestic reports in the Swedish national press. The company has already set targets to sell 800,000 units by 2020, buoyed by growth in China. The Swedish firm has also set ambitious safety targets to ensure nobody will die in one of its new cars by the end of the decade.

Production of the Peugeot 2008 crossover is being increased again at PSA's plant in Mulhouse, France. Daily output of the 2008 will rise to 860 units. This is the fifth time PSA has increased production of the 2008 since its market introduction in April last year. Orders for the crossover have since passed 120,000 units.

Infiniti has appointed current Global Operations boss François Goupil de Bouillé as its new vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Effective from today, Bouille will oversee Infiniti's entire business in the region. He has previously worked at Ford and Nissan.

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gazza5 2 April 2014


The 2008 comes through very quick - my wife ordered one beginning of Feb - got it on 22nd March. She didn't add any options but we couldn't wait any longer for peugeot to bring in the turbo versions of the 1.2.

Not abad little car at all and meets our needs and it was cheaper than the mokka etc. Captur we felt the 0.9 litre version was under powered even though the 1.2 we have has the same power it feels faster so must be the gearing.

xxxx 1 April 2014

At least in the Uk

Volvo will have to improve in the UK. Their sales went down in 2013 compared to the previous year to less than 1.5%. All this when total car sales in 2013 went up. Suzuki overtook then!
fadyady 1 April 2014

Funny! (2008)

I have not yet seen one on the road. I'm sure it's only a coincident. The take-up of VW Up and Vauxhall Mokka seems to be going quite well.