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All-new DB9, Vantage and Rapide confirmed after Aston Martin secures funding

Aston Martin has finally secured the funds to start designing an all-new generation of sports cars for sale in 2015/16.

Engineers are understood to have conceptualised the new family, which will replace the VH-platform Aston Martin DB9, Vantage and Rapide models that Aston first started selling in 2003. The detailed design and production engineering will get under way in early 2012.

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Funding for these vital new models was put in place last week when Aston announced that a £304 million bond was fully subscribed by global investors. “This will provide long-term financial stability for the next seven years and support Aston Martin’s continued development,” the firm said.

Aston will pay 9.25 per cent interest per year on the bond for the next seven years, which is higher than the five to six per cent that many bonds are paying.

Before Aston moves to all-new platform technology, the alloy VH platform will be re-engineered to comply with new Federal FMVSS pedestrian impact rules, due in autumn 2012.

Aston will also facelift the DB9, Vantage and Rapide with new skin panels, revised interiors and tweaked chassis and engines.

When Aston replaces the VH platform, the major question for the all-new models is which platform they’ll be engineered on.

Aston is courting Mercedes-Benz as a partner, possibly with a view to accessing the alloy platform that underpins the new SLS and SL.

Julian Rendell

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