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Electric vehicle drivers in the UK will benefit from a new 74-point charging network that covers a stretch of more than 680 miles

A new 683-mile electric vehicle charging network has been completed in the UK, bringing rapid-charging stations within easy reach of more drivers.

The network, installed by Rapid Charge Network, consists of 74 rapid charging points, which are capable of charging a vehicle’s battery to 80% of capacity in 30 minutes.

The network has been designed to give drivers of electric vehicles more freedom, making long-distance journeys easier. The charging points are also situated around busy transport hubs, enabling EV drivers to cross UK borders.

According to research conducted by Newcastle University, 72% of EV drivers would use rapid chargers. The network covers from Stranraer in Scotland, to Suffolk in the east of England, Hull in Yorkshire to Holyhead in northwest Wales, and connects to Belfast in Northern Ireland and Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

Renault's electric vehicle product manager, Ben Fletcher, said: “Electric vehicle sales are rising strongly as both vehicle technologies and the nationwide charging infrastructure take major strides forward. Investments such as the Rapid Charge Network are vital for maintaining the momentum and encouraging more motorists to go electric.”

A spokesperson from Volkswagen UK said: “We and our electric vehicle customers will welcome the development of a network of multi-standard charge points. Each charge point on the network is compatible with all standard EVs on sale today, taking away the element of confusion for drivers and providing reassurance that they can rapid charge regardless of make or model.”

The £5.8m investment was part-funded by the European Union and by vehicle manufacturers; Nissan, BMW, Renault and Volkswagen. The project is part of a wider pan-European investment of £20.8m.

Danni Bagnall

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ericmorton 29 April 2017

Electric Vehicle Charging

The new generation electric vehicles are changing its network rapidly, we can get new modern and advanced features. The common problems we have found in electric cars are the charging issues and here from this article, we can get the perfect solution. Especially in the United Kingdom, we have found certain benefits for electric car users regarding their charging issues.
si73 26 February 2016

Not very evenly spread

So nothing at all for the southwest, northeast or Scotland, doesn't seem worthy of celebration to me.
xxxx 26 February 2016


si73 wrote:

So nothing at all for the southwest, northeast or Scotland, doesn't seem worthy of celebration to me.

"The network covers from Stranraer in Scotland"

xxxx 26 February 2016

Charging points

I have at least 30 charging point in my home but no petrol/diesel pumps. The point, most people would charge their plug-in for 95% of their driving needs at home, unless the charging point is free of course. Going forward that'll only increase with increased range. Any Leaf/Telsa/i3 owners care to comment?