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Ferrari Land to be built in Spanish PortAventura resort, complete with a 250-room hotel and the highest and fastest-accelerating vertical rollercoaster ever
Darren Moss
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13 March 2014

Ferrari will build a new theme park and hotel in the Spanish resort of PortAventura, which will open in 2016.

The company announced today it had sold licensing rights to build the new theme park, dubbed Ferrari Land, to the resort's management. The deal involves an investment of around £84 million to build a theme park and hotel within the site.

The plans include a rollercoaster which PortAventura claims will be the highest and fastest-accelerating vertical ride of its kind, as well as a five-star hotel with 250 rooms, restaurants and a driving simulator.

PortAventura, located close to Barcelona, attracts around four million visitors annually, with half of those coming from outside of Spain.

Ferrari Brand boss Andrew Perrone said: "After the success of Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, we received many, many requests to develop new amusement parks.

"[This] is a very solid plan developed by competent people that will bring the magic of Ferrari to Spain, a nation where we have many supporters and enthusiasts, and to which large numbers of tourists flock each year".

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi opened in 2010, having started construction in 2009. The site features a number of attractions and rides, including displays of the brand's most famous cars as well as a miniature racing track and a rollercoaster which is claimed to be the fastest in the world.


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13 March 2014
Good as it sounds, i think they should be investing there profits into a car say 5 series sized.Bentley are thinking about it,and i'm sure a few other major super car makers are too.

13 March 2014
Why Peter? Surely that would overlap with maserati's plans?

14 March 2014

Having read the report in here about the current Maserati offering,i think if they let Ferrari fettle it and stick a prancing Horse badge on it's rump, it would sell more.

13 March 2014
For £84 million Ferrari could have bought the Nurburgring, stuck a few prancing horse stickers around the place and called that Ferrari World. That would have been a lot less lame. And they could have charged McLaren EUR1000 per lap to develop the P13...

13 March 2014
This makes perfect sense from a brand & business POV. Nothing here for us petrolheads mind you. Best take a deep sigh and just move on.

Like many reluctant wallet holders, I've been dragged around Port Adventura by my family and it's a slick, well-run money-spinner with impressively mass & international appeal.

That tacky Wurlitzer-looking hotel should be just the thing to draw fast cash from Russia, China, Eastern Europe etc. I just wish they'd get a grumpy Piedmontese grandpop to be Enzo the Doorman to scare the babushkas & goose the molls!

13 March 2014
I think some of you have misunderstood the article ,Ferrari have sold the licencing rights to the Theme Park management and total £84m to be invested presumably by them .Ferrari will not be investing but receiving funds for this.The article is misleading , just the name being used by licence.

13 March 2014
I'm just a little sad that there will never be a British Leyland Land.

13 March 2014
No doubt with a prominent place for the fire station.

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