Currently reading: MGR's camshaft-less engine

MG Rover’s Powertrain division could leave an interesting legacy if it fails to survive the car maker’s administration. Powertrain has unveiled a futuristic version of the K-series engine that does without camshafts. Dubbed Intelligent Valve Actuation (IVA), the engine’s valve train is controlled by 16 ‘rotary electromagnetic devices’ (right). These compact IVA actuators control one valve each.

In effect, IVA is a vastly more sophisticated version of variable valve control. The ability to control the precise action of the lifting and closing of the valve will deliver huge benefits, according to Powertrain and partner Cancom, which could apply the technology to another engine if Powertrain folds.

It’s claimed this engine will be cleaner, more fuel efficient and work better in combination with turbocharging. Ironically, IVA was presented in the US as MGR collapsed in the UK.

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