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Most models are replaced regularly to sate the appetites of motorists brought up to desire the Next New Thing. But some cars dodge the bullet for years

Car firms are increasingly clinical about replacing aging models, releasing their successors every four to seven years regardless of today’s proliferation of models and niches.

But some cars manage to dodge these rigid product plans – and the guillotine. Sometimes this is because their maker doesn’t have the budget to launch new models, or because they have little else in their product range to offer, or because there’s no replacement planned but still some profit in continuing with production.

Flick through our gallery for 12 survivors worth looking at – and you might be surprised by which ones are still hanging on in there.

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MrJ 23 May 2017

Hats off to the tiny Jimmy.

Hats off to the tiny Jimmy. Great in towns, villages and country lanes - even better when we get snow.
typos1 22 May 2017

The Mitsubushi iMiev/Peugeot

The Mitsubushi iMiev/Peugeot ion/Citroen C0 are all electric versions of the Mitsubushi iCar which actually dates from 2006, so theyre older than the 2011 stated.
Get Carter 22 May 2017

Stick to the facts

Quote: "...and you have to pay another £175 for front airbags". Shocked to read that, but just some basic research shows this statement to be totally false, as driver, passenger and window airbags are standard on all models. It's like Autocar are scratching around for reasons to give their unfavoured cars a kicking, and not doing very well with it.
230SL 22 May 2017

+ Get Carter they also never

+ Get Carter they also never point out that window airbags are £665 extra on a Polo and not available on an UP. Oh I drive a VW and like it, just not quite as much as Autocar.