Mayor of London has been asked to boost uptake of EVs with hard-hitting new measures

Electric vehicles could be given free or discounted parking in London if the city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, follows hard-hitting measures recommended in a new report.

The London Assembly Environment Committee report, published today, says “60% of Londoners do not have their own garage or driveway” and would therefore need to rely on on-street charging.

“Encouraging Londoners without their own driveway or garage to get an electric vehicle is the biggest challenge for take-up, as concerns about charging points are deep-rooted,” it says.

To convince more people to make the switch to an electric car, the report recommends all London boroughs make parking free or discounted for electric vehicles. It suggests doing this in the short-term only to “drive the take up”.

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A similar system is already offered in Milton Keynes, where drivers of electric cars can apply for a green permit free of charge and use 15,000 parking spaces. London's Westminster City Council also offers EV drivers lower parking rates, allowing them to pay the miminum fee but receive the maximum parking allowance of four hours.

There are around 12,000 electric cars on London’s roads, which is ten times the number that were present just five years ago. The new report states that “the growth in the number of electric vehicles is outstripping the number of charge points”, suggesting the city could quickly find itself short of chargers by a large margin.

It recommends that Transport for London provides funding for electric charging point installations, “where private sector investment is not happening quickly enough”.

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This would be added to the existing On-street Residential Charging Scheme, which was introduced by the government and can be used to pay for 75% of charger installation costs. However, a spokesman for Chargemaster, one of the UK’s biggest charging point providers, said that since the funding is "ringfenced for capital expenditure", local authorities are "essentially forced to purchase charge points".

They said that reducing the restrictions on how the money could be used would enable boroughs to do "something more creative and work on a concession model with a company like us".

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Today’s report notes that the “spread, location and accessibility of electric charging points is more important than the number of charging points, so a strategic pan-London approach is needed”.

Leonie Cooper, a former chair of the environment committee, said “We need to get the number and location of charging points right, as well as raise awareness of charging points in the capital.”

“This infrastructure is essential if London is to continue the electric vehicles revolution.”

Sadiq Khan has been active in pushing through legislation to lower transport emissions in the capital. He introduced a new T-charge for the dirtiest models last year, and recently launched a network of 100 new EV chargers that can be used by taxi drivers of the new LEVC TX.

While he does not legally have to follow any of the recommendations outlined in today’s report, the London Assembly Environment Committee has previously encouraged Mayors to take its action.

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24 May 2018

Inspired thinking.  Swapping their current RR's for Tesla X's.

24 May 2018

Nurses driving Zoe and LEAFs

24 May 2018

Another reason, if one were needed, not to live in London.

24 May 2018

No. They should not have free parking or discounted parking just because they are electric.

Taxpayers shouldn't be forced to subsidise electric vehicle charging stations either.

24 May 2018
max1e6 wrote:

Taxpayers shouldn't be forced to subsidise electric vehicle charging stations either.

Why not? because we're already forced to provide:

1: UK plug-in grant of up to £4500

2: Reduced Employer national Insurance contributions (company cars only)

3: And Scottish customers (Transport Scotland) can receive an interest-free loan of up to £35,000 (personal) or £100,000 (business).

And now they want the tax payer to fund free parking!

Wonder what'll happen when all the subsidies are taken away? They'll probably go back to promoting diesel again.



24 May 2018

..the parking spaces in westminister, chealsea and islington will take up the entire allocation.

24 May 2018 you really can't moan very much if politcians indulge certain cars more than others.

Politicians have defined and indulged:

- Taxis (particulate pollution)

- Lambo's (the Aventador has clearly fiddled the EU noise test - this is the dog that didn't bark in Dieselgate)

- Classic car owners - many are death traps, at least by modern standards, but politicians allow them to be driven.

- Buses (Boris buses are a taxpayers beano)

...and now they are indulging cars that are non-locally polluting and quiet.

And I'm fine with that. 

People talk like the internal combustion engine represents some deep historical truth, when in fact it's only been around for a tiny speck of recent history. 

24 May 2018

TfL is skint. They can’t magic new money for electric charging points.

I wish government would act more rationally on these issues. Pricing parking permits based on CO2 emissions - as some London councils do - is a total nonsense, as all cars emit zero emissions when parked.

Conversely, electric cars cause just as much congestion as ICE cars.

But then we already know that UK government is incompetent.

24 May 2018

Electric cars are brilliant we are told. So wonderful that people will choose to buy them over a conventional car. In fact all you have to do to convince them, is knock £4,500 off the initial price. Allow them fuel without duty, and only 5% VAT, give them zero road tax, reduce CoCar tax rates to a fraction of the conventional cars. Subsidise the charging stations, both at home and in Public, and now it seems, let them park for free.



24 May 2018

To give grants to BEV owners than make city diesel drivers pay health/funeral costs to NHS/families affected by NOx fumes


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