Currently reading: Chrysler and Dodge plan sales revival
New Ford Focus-sized model to create new growth for Chrysler, while Dodge plans new saloon for 2018

Chrysler is aiming to return its sales to around 800,000 units by 2018, with a new Ford Focus-size model, called 100, likely to spearhead the growth.

Chrysler sales crashed during the credit crunch from a recent peak of just over 801,468 units, but have since recovered to around 350,000 last year.

To return to the 2005 peak, Chrysler plans to increase its product offerings and become Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), billed as a “mainstream North American brand”. It plans to cover 65 per cent of mainstream segments by 2018, up from 25 per cent today.

The new Focus-size Chrysler 100 will start this growth alongside the soon-to-be-introduced Ford Mondeo-size 200. Also planned is a 200-based crossover in 2018, a revised 300C this year ahead of an all-new model in 2018 and a 300C-based larger crossover in 2017.

Chrysler will also start the roll-out of plug-in hybrid models from 2016 with a version of its all-new Town & Country MPV.

FCA is also planning to reduce internal competition between Dodge and Chrysler, its other North American brands. The 200-sized Dodge Avenger is being axed this year, as is the Town & Country-sized Grand Caravan MPV in 2016 when the new Town & Country launches.

Dodge will launch a compact Ford Fiesta-size saloon in 2018, and will replace its Charger and Challenger performance models in 2018. The Viper is also due a refresh next year.

The upshot of the Dodge plan – with the range reducing over the next four years before expanding again in 2018 – is to keep sales at around today’s 600,000 units in 2018.

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