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New Chrysler 200 drops its old underpinnings for new platform; goes on sale in the spring
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13 January 2014

The Chrysler 200 has been revealed at the Detroit motor show. It will go on sale in the spring and continues Chrysler’s growing relationship with Fiat.

The mid-size family car drops its old Mitsubishi underpinnings, utilising the Compact Wide platform shared with the smaller Dodge Dart as well as the newest Jeep Cherokee and the next-generation Alfa Romeo Giulia. Chrysler invested nearly $1 billion into their Sterling Heights, Michigan assembly plant for the all-new 200. 

The 200 brings new technology and “iconic American design”, according to the company. Standard across the range is a nine-speed automatic transmission. Entry-level power comes from a 181bhp Tigershark 2.4-litre four cylinder engine, which features Fiat’s MultiAir valve technology. The optional 'Pentastar' 3.6-litre V6 puts out 291bhp. Both the petrol engines are naturally aspirated. 

The chassis utilises a multi-link rear suspension setup with three available suspension settings. Only the V6 can be combined with an optional all-wheel drive system, but at least that traction-enhancing system so loved by American buyers can decouple the rear axle for fuel economy and emissions savings—a feature claimed by Chrysler to be a first in the segment. 

Outside, you see the new face of Chrysler in the integrated grille and headlamps. The sportier 200S model swaps out the chrome exterior trim for gloss black, giving what Chrysler claims is a “darker, more sinister” look. 

Inside, a rotary knob controls the transmission and luxuries such as ventilated seats, perforated Nappa leather, and a two-tone heated steering wheel are available. A unique centre console design features sliding cup holders, hiding a storage and charging area for mobile phones and iPods. 

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13 January 2014
US now copying the Koreans? How times have changed.

13 January 2014
soldi wrote:

US now copying the Koreans? How times have changed.

It has more than a nod to the A7 with a touch of Bangle 7er about the boot lid and Quattroporte about the rear lights. Profile is akin to the C5 and the font has a quasi Mazda/Seat look to it. The CLS style interior also looks good. If this is what a Hyundai looks like to you, then I think you'll find the Koreans have been taking 'inspiration' from some European brands.

All in all, it looks good, is this also to underpin the next 159/Giulia?

13 January 2014
Copying the Koreans who are copying the Germans.
It's a huge improvement from the current 200 which is such a inferior car compared to its competitors. The details and fit and finish will probably still lag behind the Japanese, Koreans and Germans. The interior is looks much better but looks like Chrysler is catching up with GM and Ford but still far from car companies overseas.
Looks like Ford Fusion mixed in with a Audi A7.

16 February 2014
Doesn't especially look Korean to me, but the rear and profile definitely have shades of some Audi or rather. Nose looks quite distinctive though.

Overall a pretty good effort inside and out. Let's hope the driving experience matches the aesthetics.

13 January 2014
Doesn't have the character of one for Europe, either as a Chrysler or to turn around the fortunes of Lancia, as a new Flavia. It will have tough job in N. America too, in gaining market share.

Perhaps this isn't a key moment for the new Fiat/Chrysler combination.

13 January 2014
What will be the changes that make it a Lancia? And will it be good enough to compete with the 3 series ,or the Mondeo, or the Laguna, or the Passat, or the Superb,or the Altima, or the Camry, or the Malibu?.There can be no excuse for it not being better than the rest. It is the newest.

13 January 2014
Simple lines are my preference over fussy crowded design. The interior appears a big improvement over the airfix like dashboards that Chrysler presented before. Should sell reasonably well enough. As the American car press appears to be liking the handling of the Dodge Dart and the interior design and interior quality of that car as well. It's probable they like these same particulars of this latest car as well.

Will the new Lancia be better than the competition. Highly doubtful. But perhaps it will be competitive and the design language will hopefully return to the prettiness Lancia's efforts were once known for. But Lancia's have been quite ugly in latter years. As well as not competitive in handling dynamics and refinement. Which has made for very poor sales - very understandably. Fiat must now return it's subrands to the beauty these names were once known for. Or simply give them up.

13 January 2014
The side profile and the rear has overtones of the Fusion/Mondeo. It's almost as if they found a model of the Ford, softened some of the edges and added a new nose. But it's still nontheless a good looking car and miles better looking that it's predecessor.

I presume this will be sold as a Lancia on the continent as replacement for the Flavia? Either way, if Chrysler wants to be taken seriously in Europe its cars need to be refined and have a quality feel about them, particularly inside. Styling is nothing if a dashaboard feels like the inside of a Milk Tray box and the leather looks like plastic.

13 January 2014
It looks NOTHING like an i40, and then someone slates it and compares it to a Fusion and AUDI, how confused that person is. The car looks awesome, just what Chrysler needs right now.

Great designs, to cement the fact that the FIAT tie up is the right thing, as much as you all hate FIAT, they do know how to make a decent interior, just look at any Ferrari.

The simple fact is that Chrysler are succeeding, and very well too, with really good cars, trucks and pick ups, the RAM division is doing particularly well, the DART is too, this new 200 along with the massively improved 300C will take Chrysler further upmarket.

13 January 2014
There was an article in an Italian newspaper on Friday saying Lancia is stop selling the Chrysler based cars and would be reduced down to selling just the Ypsilon in Italy (I think they sell 80% of Lancia's in Italy and most of those are Ypsilons). However I suspect Lancia will be quietly killed off once the Ypsilon is up for replacement as surely the new 5 door 500 will do the same job. Sad news, but to be honest its the best solution.

All the new Alfa's above the Giulietta are to be rear drive so while they may share electrics or some other parts, they won't be that closely related.

Nice car though - I wonder if Chrysler will be sold across Europe now or if they are going to concentrate on the Americas and China? Could see a network of joint Fiat/Alfa Romeo/Jeep dealership being built up across Europe.


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