Brazil, Russia, India and China will account for one in three global car sales within four years
17 February 2010

Brazil, Russia, India and China will account for one in three global car sales within the next four years, according to a new report from a US analyst, Boston Consulting Group.

By 2014 collective sales in the four countries (known as BRIC) are predicted to rise to around 25 million, says BCG, a continued increase from last year’s 19 million sales. By contrast, the developed markets in the West will have barely recovered by then to pre-economic crisis levels of 55 million units.

“This is a radical shift,” said Xavier Mosquet, head of BCG’s Detroit-based automotive practice. “For those car makers who still ask if you can avoid [the BRIC], you can’t.”

But increasing globalisation of models isn’t necessarily the way to tackle the BRIC markets, says BCG, and global models such as the new Ford Focus may not be suitable for all markets.

“There is no [single] BRIC car,” said BCG’s Nikolus Lang. Each market is distinct - and demanding - so while China’s emerging middle class may want cars with well equipped rear seats for being chauffeured to work, added Lang, India’s future lies with super-cheap cars like the Tata Nano.

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Tata Nano

Cheap and undeniably cheerful. Unbelievable value, if only you could buy one in the UK.

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17 February 2010

what is the big attraction with brands from these kind of markets! they are generally cheap rubbish with poor build quality! i'm sure i'd rather spend my money on something used

17 February 2010

the key here is that, generally speaking, automakers are a lot more interested in "may want cars with well equipped rear seats" - means, add all you can, as much as possible nonsense bits, and then, release them in the market:

how many airbags and parking sensors and the likes, these days, the random cars came with?

(just an example of useless bits...)

because release "Nanos" will do not make large profits for Toyotas, Fords, Volkswagens and GMs... well, this last one, you know...err, ok, delete GM...

17 February 2010

I,ve never been to any of these countries, but by what you see on the television their roads/ cities can't cope with the cars they have got now. If they are to experience a rapid growth in car sales, driving there will be even more chaotic than it is now.

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