Porsche director of research and development Wolfgang Hatz is presented with the Issigonis Trophy at the Autocar Stars event in London

Wolfgang Hatz, Porsche’s director of research and development, has been awarded the Issigonis Trophy at the Autocar Stars event in London.

The award, which was presented by Autocar editor-in-chief Steve Cropley, honours the individual who has contributed the most to the health, excellence and competitiveness of the European motor industry.

The Issigonis Trophy invokes the name of Sir Alec Issigonis, who designed the original 1959 Morris Mini, which changed the face of the motor industry forever.

Speaking at the ceremony, Steve Cropley described the award as “Autocar’s very personal compliment to a man whose accomplishments in motoring have been enormous.

“Take a long look at the wonderful, market-leading cars Porsche has created in the past few years - everything from the 918 Spyder hybrid supercar to the Macan SUV, via the latest 911 GT3 and the Cayman GT4, and you soon understand the scale of our winner’s achievements and what they mean to all who love great cars.”

On receiving the Issigonis Trophy, Hatz said: “When I moved into my office four years ago as head of R&D an old team-mate dropped in and said 'I never would have thought that one of us could ever become head of Weissach'. It was good to be back home and I thought it can’t possibly get any better than that. But that was before we developed the 918 Spyder and so many other true Porsches. And that was before we returned to Le Mans with our 919 Hybrid.

"One reason I feel very much at home among our fans and customers in the UK - obviously including journalists - is their sound judgment of cars in general and sports cars in particular. This award gives me great pride."

Earlier in the evening, Citroën's head of design strategy Mark Lloyd was presented with the Sturmey Award. Named after Autocar's founding editor Henry Sturmey, the award recognises innovation and excellence in the motoring industry.

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Porsche Macan

Porsche's 'junior Cayenne' promises and delivers on its dynamic and performance prowess to be be the most sporting SUV of its size. However, the market has changed with the newrivals threatening to challenge the Macan's crown, so does it have the stomach for a fight?

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18 May 2015
Of course, you'd never award the Issigonis trophy to BMW's R&D boss. Not after the indignities the Bavarians have heaped upon his creation over the years. Or...would you?

19 May 2015
Maurice Ital wrote:

Of course, you'd never award the Issigonis trophy to BMW's R&D boss. Not after the indignities the Bavarians have heaped upon his creation over the years. Or...would you?

Completely agree, especially their mainstream models like the i3 and especially the i8. Even the hyped up Porsche hybrid supercar was outclassed by Ferrari and McLaren.........Sometimes I feel the journos simply fall for R&D budgets and forget the fact all that money has proved very little in relative improvements. all VW have been doing of late is keep announcing large R&D budgets. Or is that the new way of deciding awards.

18 May 2015
A design award for the guy who has kept the 911 looking the same for 50 years and unleashed the Cayenne on our innocent retinas.

Sulphur Man

19 May 2015
lol, ok I'm assuming this was just an excuse for a piss up because these "awards" mean jack shit.


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