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“Vital” road upgrades in North Yorkshire, Hampshire and the Midlands to be rolled out with new funding
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30 January 2021

The UK government will stump up £93 million for “vital” road improvements, including a “dramatic overhaul” of the A59 in North Yorkshire, transport secretary Grant Shapps has announced. 

Said to form part of the government’s “commitment to fuel the economic recovery from Covid-19”, the bulk (£56m) of the pledged money will be given to the Northern Powerhouse initiative. 

The focus is on the Key Gill section of the A59 in North Yorkshire, whereby a new road will be built to divert traffic from a landslip-prone portion of the route. It is claimed this will also remove traffic from nearby villages and improve journey-time reliability for commuters. 

Further funding (£24m) will go to reducing congestion in the West Midlands. At the intersection of the M5, A4123 and A4034 - known as Birchey Island - a road-widening project will bring additional lanes to the roundabout, while pedestrians and cyclists will get “improved facilities for greener travel” at the intersection. 

A project receiving the remaining £13m is in Hampshire, southern England. The Redbridge Causeway bridges over the River Test - said to carry around 60,000 vehicles a day - will be upgraded. The move is said to “speed up delivery” of crucial maintenance work, ensuring more disruptive works aren’t required in future. 

The total cost of the scheme will be £107m, with local councils meeting the shortfall after the £93m central funding. 

Shapps said the funding is “further proof of this government delivering on its promise to level up the country - putting transport at the heart of our efforts to build back better from Covid-19.” 


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Gerhard 31 January 2021

Good, just stop promoting all these ridiculous eco-mentalist restrictions on Britain's already crowded roads! LTNs, 4 lane cycleways, 2 lane bus lanes. If H.M. The Queen's convoy gets stuck in a a main London road because of fouledup road changes, it should be a sign not to undertake them!

Chris C 30 January 2021

There are no embedded links in this comment. What is it with the Autocar website controls?

Gerhard 31 January 2021
Chris C wrote:

There are no embedded links in this comment. What is it with the Autocar website controls?


I get that too, it seems repeated dots and hyphens are triggers for whatever programme they're using. Programmers don't usually have the best editorial skills in the requirements of English grammar and punctuation.

MarkII 30 January 2021
£93M what a drop in the ocean. After the vast sums that have been wasted, fixing their cockup of a Covid response, the government need to spend some real money to fix the nation's road infrastructure - like taking back the M6 toll road for one and properly resurface roads, rather than patch them repeatedly, lining the pockets of subcontractors.