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Four new Volkswagen Up concepts have gone on display at the Geneva motor show

The Volkswagen Up has appeared in four new concept guises at the Geneva motor show – the Swiss Up, Winter Up, X Up and Cargo Up.

Swiss Up, designed to pay tribute to Geneva and Switzerland, has an exterior and interior that’s painted in the red and white colours of the Swiss flag.

The cabin is finished in the ‘ceramique’ trim colour. The leather is also styled in ‘ceramique’ in the outer area of the seats, the rear head restraints and the middle of the rear bench seat; the seat surfaces (and grab handles in the roofliner) are upholstered with brown Alcantara.

Running laterally across the centre panels of the front seat backrests is a narrow leather band. Worked into each leather band is a holder for a pocket knife. White, silk-like ‘porcelain paint’ adorns the dashboard, while the decorative bezels of the round air vents are painted in ‘tornado red’.

The Winter Up is based on the four-door Cross Up concept that was on show at the Frankfurt motor show last year. It is designed for winter sports, and features a snowboard carrier on the roof rails. The car also has ESP with differential locks to deal with snowy road conditions.

The Volkswagen is painted in two colours: ‘pure white’ and ‘malibu blue’. The body surfaces are painted in cool ‘pure white’, while ‘malibu blue’ is used as a contrasting colour on the bumpers, the door mirror housings and the seam that runs parallel to the side windows.

This variant has underbody protection at the front and rear, and rugged exterior accents on the wheel wells and side sills. Up to four snowboards or six skis can be stowed on the roof rail-mounted holder.

The X Up is intended as a ‘go anywhere’ vehicle and gets a roof box with two integrated searchlights, as well as robust side panels and underbody guards at the front and rear.

Like the Winter Up, it is based on the Cross Up and could potentially go into production very quickly. The X Up is painted in ‘burned orange metallic’ with the bumpers and roof box finished in ‘anthracite’. The surrounds of the search and fog headlights are chrome. The interior gets two-tone door inserts, door entry sills and a special gearshift grip.

The Cargo Up is designed as a delivery van and offers 1400 litres of rear space. It is equipped with underbody protection front and rear, and its sides have sill trim panels. As with the cross up!, there is also a roof railing. Inside, the cargo up! has been emptied except for the driver seat and the cockpit. This has created a flat cargo floor both on the passenger's side and in the boot.

Powered by the entry-level 59bhp engine in the Up range, the Cargo Up weighs 929kg, can carry a payload of 426kg and has a 15mm higher ride height.

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toptidy 2 March 2012

Re: Four new VW Up concepts

supermanuel wrote:

A version of the delivery van that has a built-in mattress in the back, called the F*ck Up!

Was that too crude? How far are we going with this?

Well I was going to suggest the French Connection special edition, FCUK Up, so you are probably on the same line of thought as me! Seems to summarise the "car" quite nicely too....

By the way "fcuk" seems to be edited, at least in upper case.

Los Angeles 2 March 2012

Re: Four new VW Up concepts

Mini1 wrote:
Well, none really. Certainly nothing innovative over and above the PSA triplets
As I thought.
Mini1 wrote:
I recall the Lupo being anything but a failure.
In terms of its price and availability to the market it was aimed which had lots of other small city cars to choose from. (The Audi 2 met with the same fate.) I recall dealers complaining that had the Lupo been £7,000 rather than close to £12,000 plus, they could have sold many more. The GTi was the star of the group, well built, the calming interior blue illumination a delight - the car hellish expensive. Add the factory installed glass roof and you were in BMW territory.

Must be a bargain now.

Mini1 2 March 2012

Re: Four new VW Up concepts

Los Angeles wrote:

Mini1 wrote:
I think that by creating special editions such as these, Volkswagen are displaying the fact that the Up has character.

Without testing one, Mini. I can't vouch for your theory; nevertheless, can you or another member explain what truly innovative aspect the Up contains over radical and non-radical small city cars?
Well, none really. Certainly nothing innovative over and above the PSA triplets - just finished off slightly better and builds on those cars' strengths. So whilst it may not offer anything 'new' (many cars don't these days), it certainly brings character to the table.
Los Angeles wrote:
Is it another VW attempt to create a city car without a hefty price tag, the last try, the Lupo, a failure though a good car?
I recall the Lupo being anything but a failure. It and the Arosa that Seat had were very popular. The Fox, now that's another story...