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The Volkswagen Amarok Canyon concept configured for extreme kayakers has been unveiled in Geneva

The Volkswagen Amarok Canyon concept vehicle, configured specifically for competitors in the extreme sport of freestyle kayaking has been unveiled at the Geneva motor show.

All additional accessories custom-made for the concept have been designed to meet the requirements of the competitive marine sport.

Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles chief said: “We are using this extreme concept to illustrate one of the many diverse uses of the Amarok. By tuning its design to an extreme sport, we are bringing the original DNA of the Amarok into focus”.

The Amarok Canyon concept is taller and wider than the standard car. Its suspension has been raised by 40mm using a body lift kit. With the larger-than-standard tyres, the Amarok Canyon sits 85mm higher than the production model.

The concept’s paintwork has a shimmering three layer effect. It has additional lights mounted on the roof and has smoked rear lights and underbody protection in a contrasting colour.

Two electrically deployed tread plates make it easy for all occupants to step into and out of the vehicle, despite the raised ride height.


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