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Hyundai's next-gen i10 gets all-new platform, more kit options and increased interior space to improve its appeal to European buyers
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6 August 2013

The second-generation Hyundai i10 has been revealed at the Frankfurt motor show, and will go on sale at the start of next year.

Hyundai's all-new i10 is 80mm longer, 65mm wider and 50mm lower than its predecessor and its wheelbase is 5mm longer. Hyundai claims that this helps to give it more mature driving characteristics and best-in-class cabin and luggage space.

The engine line-up includes a range of three-cylinder 1.0-litre and four-cylinder 1.25-litre petrol units.

Hyundai is yet to detail the new i10's trim levels and equipment, but standard safety features will include stability control and front curtain airbags. 

A host of options will also be offered, including climate control, cruise control, a speed limiter and a heated leather steering wheel. The new i10 offers up to 1046 litres of storage space with the rear seats folded flat, as well as 252 litres in the boot.

Senior vice president and chief operating officer of Hyundai Motor Europe Allan Rushforth said: "Every aspect of the car has been designed and rigorously developed to meet the demands and needs of European consumers.

"New-generation i10 fully embodies Hyundai's 'true value' proposition, bringing higher levels of features and functionality than many buyers would expect to find in a vehicle of this segment."

Hyundai's new i10 has been designed and engineered in Europe and it will be built at the manufacturer's factory in Turkey. 

To find out more about the new i10, read our road test of a late prototype here.

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6 August 2013

This looks barely any more imaginative and stylish than the old model. The dark side of Korean car design.

6 August 2013

Stylistically, it seems very reminiscent of the new Clio.

8 August 2013

GearboxDiscussion wrote:

Stylistically, it seems very reminiscent of the new Clio.

Yes, well a lot of the design team is French (pinched from Peugeot). To me it looks like a mish mash of Fiesta/208/Yaris with the profile of the Clio thrown in for good measure. The shameless plagiarism that Kiayundai exhibit is getting embarrassing. The Forte is basically a 9-5, the i30 is a 308, i40 is a C5... I could go on. To me, these are still fridges on wheels. Everything is OK, but nothing to get the heart or mind engaged. The only people I see driving i10s/i20s and i30s are retirees tootling along at 25mph. Often indicating left and turning right...hang on these are the new Volvo 343s! 

6 August 2013

well, they have made it much bigger, so i hope they have either made it lighter, or given it more power (or both). The other thing they need to be very careful of is price.  Not a strong point for Hyundai in recent times.

As for looks, its rather dull, but much better than the current one. 

7 August 2013

I think it looks alright, far better than the current car. If it has the same price tag and apparently excellent drive/ride combo, then good on Hyundai for doing it. However, I doubt it will be cheap if current cars are anything to go by

7 August 2013

We have 2 Hyundai i10`s, a 2011 Classic and a 2013 Style both excellent cars. Great value and quality and i dont mind the looks at all. It also has the best gearchange of any car i have driven since my 1973 Ford Escort.

It biggest virtue is its tiny dimensions and upright stance which makes it great for the area where i live and work, looks like this may have been lost on this new model.

The BIGGEST problem however is the stupidly expensive servicing costs, i have taken the Classic out of the dealer network to service, £100 V £350 from a Hyundai dealer. Nonsense.



7 August 2013

Looks okay to me ... As long as the price is as competitive as the current i10, then Hyundai will have another winner on their hands ...

7 August 2013

Looks like the old version and having read about the engines going in they have the 'feel' of being old tech too!

With Vauxhall and Ford uping the game with their 3 pot turbo engines this car can only complete if it's £3000 less! Although it does have a heated steering wheel option. lol

7 August 2013

I think, although this is more of an evolution than a revolution, it looks a lot better than the current one, and will appeal much more to younger buyers. I can't however stop thinking that the front reminds me of an MG3, while the side of the Renault Clio or ZOE, and the rear of the Dacia Sandero - nevertheless I think it looks good

7 August 2013

I like this. If it has a high quality interior and drives well it should worry the UP! & co.


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