Currently reading: Baltasar previews "ready to market" electric supercar ahead of April launch
Barcelona-based start-up has been working on the supercar "in secret" since 2011; full unveiling will take place on 21 April

Spanish start-up Baltasar has teased a new electric supercar, which unusually is claimed to be "completely developed and ready to market" from the point of reveal.

The Barcelona-based firm, founded in 2011 by engineer and tech entrepreneur Batasar López, revealed the car’s silhouette in a video posted on YouTube today ahead of a promised full unveiling on 21 April.

At this stage, little else is known about the car, although Baltasar has given some details. The supercar has been designed to be equally at home on road and on track, with a focus on “the driving experience” marking it out as a potential rival for the Lotus Evija and Rimac C_Two.

Whether it will offer the same circa-2000bhp output remains to be seen, but the as-yet-unnamed supercar can be expected to prioritise outright pace, given its billing.

Baltasar has also revealed that the car’s powertrain, and all other technology in the car, has been developed completely in-house, unlike the majority of similarly conceived models that use pre-developed components from other manufacturers.

Baltasar says that the headline system in the soon-to-be-revealed machine is a "sophisticated battery pack" that will help power the car and has been engineered in partnership with Spanish performance battery manufacturer Millor Battery.

The firm explained that design for the car began in 2011; the machine was developed "in secret" because "the company did not want to make a public presentation of just a project of a future new brand but to present a reality surprising everybody".


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si73 13 April 2021
There's no ridiculous quoted horse power and it certainly doesn't appear to be all mouth and no trousers as they've said very little so far and are waiting for it's launch, as a production model, apparently, before making grand claims. Of course you can argue that we don't need more supercars from unheard of names but I think good luck to them, they've done the hard bit of developing and building it behind closed doors. I look forward to seeing what it is like.
This could even be a look.what we can do, with a view to being taken on by a larger manufacturer needing a step up into EV manufacturing.
Peter Cavellini 12 April 2021

Have to agree, cars like this aren't road cars, there serve no other purpose than to go as fast as they can in a straight line down a long long runway, you can't do a Shop in them, public roads most places aren't Billiard table flat, what tech do they bring that will filter down into the stuff you or I do?

289 12 April 2021

Just what the market needs.....another electric 'supercar' with no heritage or credibility - just a ridiculous quoted bhp which few could control safely.

When will this stupidity end?