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We recently gave you our top beautiful cars - these, not so much. We asked the whole office for their frightful favourites...
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15 May 2017

Autocar recently chose its 100 most beautiful cars for the first time in 15 years. Now we have polled everyone in the team to identify the cars we feel are most certainly not beautiful - they are in fact, the ugliest cars we know.

The journey that car companies take to produce an ugly car can take many paths, even if the destination remains the same. Producing an ugly car isn’t something a car firm plans to do, obviously. In many cases, manufacturers were trying to make a statement. Sometimes they were trying to create blue water between the cars they were originally based on and a new derivative with a different name (step forward, Pontiac Aztek and Vanden Plas 1500).

Other times, they were trying to breathe new life into a model range at facelift time: looking at you (not too closely), Subaru Impreza, and please take a bow, Morris Ital. The latter car's new dress did little to obscure the fact that it was a nine-year-old Marina.

They may be heralding a marque's dramatic and surprising arrival into a new segment. The Porsche Cayenne is an obvious case here, and indeed that example reminds us that not all of these cars were disastrous: dynamically, mechanically or commercially. However, generally speaking, those cars that were rubbish to drive, unreliable, and visually challenged didn't fly off the forecourts.

Selecting ugly cars is, by its nature, a subjective exercise, so we asked each member of the Autocar team to make a personal choice based on any criteria they chose. And it’s worth noting some of the picks sparked serious office debate. So we hope you enjoy scrolling through the gallery above, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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chandrew 16 May 2017

Good game on a long trip...

Our children often play a game of 'can you spot anything uglier than an original Porsche Panamera' whilst on long trips. They usually fail, even on journeys from our home near Zurich to Cumbria.

The reason that they fail is that they don't see many Sbarros on the road.

owenmahamilton 16 May 2017

Why has nobody mentioned

The Fiat Multipla?
androo 16 May 2017


owenmahamilton wrote:

The Fiat Multipla?

Because it too is an interesting and clever design that only shallow people think is ugly.

androo 16 May 2017

Predictable and ill informed

I can almost forgive you for such a predictable list but not for including the Citroen Ami 6. Flaminio Bertoni, the designer (not to be confused with Bertone the car design house) of the Ami 6, said it was his favourite of all his own designs, and he designed the Citroen DS. Having seen a few in the flesh I regard it as a great piece of design and far, far from ugly. Not only that but you have to understand the design before condemning it, and it's a very clever and innovative solution to several problems. The reverse rear window was to give the wide boot opening required in the brief, despite the ength imposed by the 2CV chassis. No. Condemning it as ugly is just an insult to the designer and the design process. It was also France's best selling car for some time, so at least the buying public liked it. The Vanden Plas is ugly however because it has a disfigurement, that grille stuck on the front. The Rodius is kind of ugly, but perhaps more ungainly than anything, and that applies to many of the other designs here. Ungainly rather than ugly. An ugly car is hard to find because designers rarely get to the ugly stage. What you describe as ugly really isn't true ugliness.