We recently gave you our top beautiful cars - these, not so much. We asked the whole office for their frightful favourites...
15 May 2017

Autocar recently chose its 100 most beautiful cars for the first time in 15 years. Now we have polled everyone in the team to identify the cars we feel are most certainly not beautiful - they are in fact, the ugliest cars we know.

The journey that car companies take to produce an ugly car can take many paths, even if the destination remains the same. Producing an ugly car isn’t something a car firm plans to do, obviously. In many cases, manufacturers were trying to make a statement. Sometimes they were trying to create blue water between the cars they were originally based on and a new derivative with a different name (step forward, Pontiac Aztek and Vanden Plas 1500).

Other times, they were trying to breathe new life into a model range at facelift time: looking at you (not too closely), Subaru Impreza, and please take a bow, Morris Ital. The latter car's new dress did little to obscure the fact that it was a nine-year-old Marina.

They may be heralding a marque's dramatic and surprising arrival into a new segment. The Porsche Cayenne is an obvious case here, and indeed that example reminds us that not all of these cars were disastrous: dynamically, mechanically or commercially. However, generally speaking, those cars that were rubbish to drive, unreliable, and visually challenged didn't fly off the forecourts.

Selecting ugly cars is, by its nature, a subjective exercise, so we asked each member of the Autocar team to make a personal choice based on any criteria they chose. And it’s worth noting some of the picks sparked serious office debate. So we hope you enjoy scrolling through the gallery above, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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15 May 2017
For my part, the ugliest car at this moment is the Nissan Juke. Good well made car with a solid drivetrain but ugly as sin. Looks to have been styled or drawn by a 5 year old.

15 May 2017
How you can include the Hyundai Coupe and the Citroen Ami yet overlook the hideousness that is the BMW X6 is quite beyond me.

15 May 2017
Where are all the Audis? Just wondering how come those boxes didn't make the list.

15 May 2017
Aren't Audis just dull/predictable rather than ugly?

15 May 2017
Skoda,Vw,Seat plus Audi all look very much the same in particular the suv ranges

15 May 2017
I think you could say much of the current VAG design language is dull and inoffensive. But not ugly.

15 May 2017
Recent SUVs are uglier than cars included in this list.
The same is true for McLaren who abandoned the design.
(No matter how beautiful it is, the design with no change is the same as for home appliances)

15 May 2017
That Nissan Cube would look truly stylish next to a Fiat Multipla!

15 May 2017
It's very easy to knock the Ssangyong, Peroduas etc of this world, but they are very cheap cars. If you're paying about £ 2.29 for a car, it's a bit much to expect beautifully svelte styling.

Less excusable are other more expensive choices - I've cited the X6 which when new certainly wouldn't have left you change from £ 40k - and there are many others, such as the VW Toerag - sorry Touareg - to which this also applies.

15 May 2017
How is the X90 worse than any number of 'coupe SUVs' sold today, let alone the godawful convertible Evoque?


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