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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up this week's gossip from across the automotive industry
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18 December 2018

This week's gossip from the automotive industry brings news of Mitsubishi’s plans to stick with what it knows, VW’s decision not to offer a hybrid in the sure-to-be-popular T-Cross, Jaguar’s emissions concerns and more.

Jaguar XE doesn’t mean business

Jaguar Land Rover sales and marketing boss Rawdon Glover admits that CO2 emissions are not the XE’s strength. “But the overall package is appealing,” he said. That’s one reason the brand has been pushing the XE in the retail market. “The business car market is in flux, with taxation, WLTP and so on, so we’ve been going to the retail market with good deals such as 0% finance,” he said. In October, XE sales rose 14% year on year. 

Mitsubishi sticking with current models

Mitsubishi says it won’t necessarily produce stand-alone electric models, preferring to offer electrified powertrains as an option within its existing range. COO Trevor Mann said the firm will use plug-in hybrid powertrains on larger models, straight hybrids on mid-sized models and full battery electric for smaller, city-focused cars. 

No hybrid T-Cross planned

There are no plans to offer the new Volkswagen T-Cross SUV with a hybrid powertrain because it doesn’t make financial sense, according to Andreas Krüger, the firm’s head of small-car product line. He said the cost of packaging a PHEV powertrain into the T-Cross, which is built on the same platform as the Polo, would be so high that it would cost the same as one of the firm’s planned full-electric MEB-based cars.

Do laws discourage development?


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Regulators should only enforce “simplistic” emissions limits so as to “not stifle innovation”, according to Scott Gallett, vice-president of automotive parts supplier BorgWarner. “Let the engineers think about the numerous ways to achieve [the goals],” he said.

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18 December 2018

They don't.

18 December 2018

What better simplistic limit than an annual sales limit applied to fossil fuels? That way, manufacturers, engine designers, consumers would all play a part in achieving the set CO2 target and there could be no cheating. Plus the responsibility would apply to owners of old as well as new vehicles, commercial vehicles, shipping, aircraft, anything which burns fossil fuel. Targetting new car manufacturers only seems a trifle unfair.  

18 December 2018

It reads like they've given up on the XE and are trying to churn enough sales to keep it afloat from private buyers.

The vast majority of A4/3er/C buyers are business/fleet. If the fleet buyer can get a C class diesel for less monthly than an Insignia/Mondeo (or indeed an XE) then they'll put the 3 point star on the drive of their turnkey townhouse.

18 December 2018
I can't help but notice what a large proportion of 3s and Cs are estates , I bet you JLR could develop one fairly cheaply and quickly (if they haven't already and it's in a design room) , interesting that the V60 launched before S60 , Volvo can see the point .

18 December 2018
Sundym wrote:

I can't help but notice what a large proportion of 3s and Cs are estates ,

I have read that in some parts of Europe the market share of estate versions is as much as 60% & overall it is something like 40% (presumably the reason that Toyota have developed an estate version of the new Corolla, in Europe, for Europe only).


18 December 2018

I am one of those happy retail owners of a new October 18  XE's. I tried all sorts of the latest fad SUV's but couldnt get on with raised height, centre of gravity and feeling of driving a plush van. I| was going to buy a nearly new 20t but the zero percent deal made new cheaper. This is a car that feels extremely well engineered and the interior is a lot more interesting to look at than whats on offer from Germany though probably wont suit those people who like proding dashbords for squishy plastics rather than enjoying the handling and ride. I would agree that next time arround the xe should become a hatch back like A5 or 4 series in the mean time a happy owner of a well built car from a brand I had never considered before. 

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