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6 September 2016

Hamilton wants in on Mercedes supercar development

Lewis Hamilton has said he wants to work with Mercedes-AMG on a future version of the GT sports car and joked about calling it the GT LH Edition. “I’ve already told [head of AMG] Tobias [Moers], ‘You’ve got the world champion and all of this F1 tech. Let’s make this work’,” he said.

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No special edition Chirons - for now

Sales of the standard Bugatti Chiron are limited to 500 cars, but an insider has said the level of demand from people who laid down expressions of interest in the £1.9 million car prior to seeing it mean that the firm won’t rush to launch special editions. “One-off colour schemes and other special editions proved very popular with the Veyron, but we are not at that stage yet,” said the insider. “People are eager to buy this car and the volume of sales will keep the factory busy for a long time. We don’t need to look too far ahead.”

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Aston welcomes “complimentary” Ford grilles

Aston Martin Andy Palmer is flattered by Ford’s current look of having an Aston Martin-style front grille. “It’s complimentary,” he said. “They make a million and it still gets recognised as an Aston.”

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No single charger design for UK EVs

Nissan autonomous drive boss Stewart Callegari thinks UK electric car chargers will continue to feature several plug designs, despite pressure from the EU for a standardised EV plug. “Nissan chose its plug type because it enables vehicle-to-grid charging, but the German manufacturers use a different one,” he explained. Callegari said car chargers, like smartphone chargers, don’t need to be closely regulated.

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Mercedes-AMG GT S

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6 September 2016
In the C18th we had railways with different gauges and passengers had to lump it. If we leave it to car manufacturers, there'll be exactly the same chaos. There's standardisation in the electronics industry - most Android chargers etc are similar regardless of handset manufacturer and let's face it, there should be more. It's criminal that the government is subsidising EVs and the manufacturers are allowed to take the mickey.

6 September 2016
Nissan's autonomous drive boss needs to make more careful comparisons. Mobile phone chargers, while not actually regulated, are standardised with all manufacturers making phones which charge via USB, and everyone except apple using the same identical connector (USB micro-B). Which is how it should be, as now when I buy a new mobile phone I don't need to buy a bunch of new chargers for the home, car and office. Likewise if I find myself low on charge at a friends house, I can just use their charger.

6 September 2016
Somebody at Autocar obviously hasn't opened their notebook for a while seeing as Hamilton made those comments about two months ago, right about the time he was presenting the AMG GT-R in that picture you've used.

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