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Stylish concept is shorter than a Smart ForTwo and was created online by 17,000 people

Fiat has used the Sao Paulo motor show to unveil this innovative Mio concept, a car created online by more than 17,000 people.

Measuring in at a whisker under 2.5m in length, the mini Mio is shorter than a Smart ForTwo and features advanced interior technology features including mobile phone integration and touch-screen controls.

See the pics of the Fiat Mio concept at the Sao Paulo motor show

Minimalism is the key here, with its uncluttered and futuristic appearance, including camouflaged headlights, large glass roof, and covered wheels for added efficiency.

According to Fiat, the Mio evolved as part of an on-going interactive collaborative process through its website.

More than 17,000 people were registered as official collaborators; broad overall themes for the concept car were future urban mobility and sustainability.

Fiat’s design boss, Peter Fassbender, said: “A good designer tries to realise the wishes of everyone, and with this concept car we were truly working on everybody's behalf.”

The Mio was “designed for a world where the driver can be simply a passenger and can have the vehicle controlled through intelligent means.” according to Fiat.

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Locknload66 28 October 2010

Re: Fiat Mio concept revealed

It looks like a boiled sweet, The Fiat Spangle....The Fiat Werther original


The new Stannah stairlift..........wheres Thora Hird?

A remote lawn mower....with a built in composter maybe.

A toaster that drives itself to the store every morning for your fresh bread before toasting, buttering and quartering it for you....The Fiat Mio 'Marmalade' optional toastrack instead of a roof rack will click into optional roof connectors. The politically unfriendly cigarette lighter has been replaced with a hot butter dispenser and the ash tray has benn binned in favour of a crumb tray filter.

The Mio Marmalade Deluxe will follow in the spring with the option of poaching 12 varieties of eggs for you in 3 minutes as well as a 12 event alarm clock with moodlighting and underfloor hot water bottle.

amble 28 October 2010

Re: Fiat Mio concept revealed

If anything like this ever gets made, it'll make walking everywhere fashionable again.

shawks 28 October 2010

Re: Fiat Mio concept revealed

I think manufacturers create these concept cars and add drivel to give the impression they've just invented driving for us.

A car we'd all appreciate is one that combines "concepts" like value for money, reliability and build quality. Why not spend money on adding this to the current range of cars, instead of peddling this insult to our intelligence?

And I like Fiat! I owned a Tipo once and it was great!! ARGH!!