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As momentum builds for Corsa-e, electric Vivaro van already has thousands of customer orders

Vauxhall boss Steve Norman believes its zero-emissions Vauxhall Corsa-e can become the UK’s best-selling EV in 2021, following a slow start due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking on the Autocar Business Live online seminar, Norman said that although Vauxhall's ambitious Corsa-e goals for this year had been stinted by coronavirus, there’s “no reason why we can’t build that back up in 2021”.

The Corsa-e, alongside the electric Vivaro van, kick-starts Vauxhall’s electrification plans, offering 134bhp and a 211-mile range. Priced from £27,665, it sits alongside diesel and petrol variants of the Corsa, all of which sit on the PSA Group’s CMP platform, also used by the Peugeot 208 and Peugeot e-208 among others.

Norman said that, so far, the biggest demand for electric vehicles at Vauxhall was in the van sector. “The strongest, unstimulated demand for EVs that Vauxhall has today is for the electric Vivaro van, where we have several thousand customer orders for delivery in the coming weeks and months.

“There is a significant appetite for what is a unique Vauxhall product, the Vivaro electric, which has a 200-mile range and unaltered carrying capacity - in weight, towing capacity and square metres - versus the diesel variant. The demand, not just for the last mile but for genuine transportation of objects, is going to surprise everybody.”

Talking about electric cars, Norman said there was interest around smaller vehicles such as the Corsa-e “aroused by what we are hearing from authorities and a genuine desire from consumers to be green”. However, he warned of confusing messages on hybrid vehicles, which are affecting uptake.

Norman said: “Certainly, the conflicting messages on hybrid taxation and fiscal measures means it’s very difficult to see what the residual value of these vehicles will be and that obviously disturbs demand.

“We haven’t helped ourselves by allowing people to say ‘well, he bought a hybrid for the tax relief and he only ever runs it on petrol’. If we allow those messages to go around the pubs and clubs uncorrected, then we are making a rod for our own back."

Norman also called for a more competent motor industry lobby to tackle the issue of messaging around hybrids.


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xxxx 30 September 2020

BEV more eco friendly you mean

That 55k figure you talk about used the average european electricity generation method, so it depends where you use the car. Norway would be far, far less, Poland would be off the scale, thing is not many BEV's are sold in Poland.  Oh and we generate more green power every year by the way.

Solid state in 5 years, no chance, and good luck charging that up in 2 minutes from a socket at home.  

Ski Kid 30 September 2020

even Polestar state ev not as eco friendly as petrol/dies

The breakeven point they say is about 60k miles over life .the culprit  being the battery pack,but doe sthis even allow for the 5% degradation of the battery pack each year.not convinced about ev just yet ,in 5 to 10 yrs with quantum solid state that should change.

adrian888 30 September 2020

Still too expensive

By a country mile. I can buy a new hatchback for half that price without all the charging hassle. And contrary to popular beleif electricity often costs as much if not more per mile than petrol or diesel..  For the average car buyer the economics and inconveneience simply do not work. Make it cheap to buy, easy to techarge and the market will take care ofvitself. Same with the vans, my brother has looked into an EV van for his business and it simply doesnt work. He needs range and quick refuelling on demand. 

xxxx 30 September 2020


adrian888 wrote:

By a country mile. I can buy a new hatchback for half that price without all the charging hassle. And contrary to popular beleif electricity often costs as much if not more per mile than petrol or diesel.. .

Equivalent new hatchback for 14k, rubbish.  Electricity from home charging can be had for 9p a kw, so the fuel costs works out to around 190mpg, what new 14k equivalent hatchback does that.

Neil2129 1 October 2020

Equivalent new hatchback for 14k

A petrol Corsa of the same trim level is just over 17k, with a four-figure deposit contribution if buying on finance, so less than 16k. Add a bit of negotiation and it isn't that far from 14k. Dropping the NAV would get you closer still.Look beyond Vauxhall, and an i20 lists at just over 14k and can be had with a 2k deposit contribution, while Clio, Ibiza and Fabia can also be had with similar offers.