Currently reading: Future Alpine SUV could rival Jaguar F-Pace
Company boss says more models are 'inevitable'; an SUV would likely make use of hybrid power

Alpine is strongly tipped to launch an SUV as its second model, with a rival to the Jaguar F-Pace and Porsche Macan thought to be most likely.

Alpine boss Michael van der Sande described it as “inevitable” that Alpine would launch models beyond its core sports car range. “To build a brand, you need a product line-up that maintains demand,” he said. “Alpine was always about launching a brand, not just a sports car.”

As well as admitting that he had “six or seven” different proposals for new models to mull over, van der Sande added: “The sports car is our core, and when that is established it opens up possibilities to do anything. The only prerequisite is that any car we launch will always have the target of being the most agile and fun to drive in its class. We want great handling, light weight and agility. If we can achieve that, then any class of car can be an Alpine.”

Rumour has previously linked the Alpine SUV’s creation to that of alliance partner Nissan’s plans to remodel its Z line as a sports crossover. Like the Nissan, the Alpine is also expected to harness modern powertrain technology and offer four-wheel drive via a hybrid powertrain.


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smokescreen38 3 August 2016

Alpine SUV

It'd be nice to see a car company launch something that isn't a bleeding SUV. It can't be much longer that the sheeple wake up & realize that these suv's dont give them anything else. The Seating height is the same a mpv, hell some aren't much higher than a normal hatchback. The boot space is less than a decent estate. Most sold are two wheel drive. So can't even go off road. But they look the part don't they. Tell you what Porsche &'ferrari should stop putting powerful engines in their cars. Just put a little 2 cylinder 60bhp engine in them. But they look the part don't they. Jeez!!!! Rant over.
jason_recliner 3 August 2016


voyager12 3 August 2016

First things first...

The new Alpine sports car has been hanging in front of our noses like a tasty sausage for quite some time now. Everyone who cares, wants to know first how it will perform against the Cayman 718 2.0 and Alfa 4C before considering any other models...