Currently reading: BMW confirms that hybrid M cars are in the pipeline
Although current hybrid technology isn't ideal, BMW recognises its requirement to adapt

BMW’s M performance division is already testing prototype cars powered by hybrid powertrains, the firm’s vice president Dirk Hacker has confirmed. 

Although he declined to elaborate on the details of the powertrain BMW is working on, or which cars it could potentially be used in, he confirmed development work was under way and future M hybrid cars are “inevitable”. 

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“We cannot avoid the need for electrification and it is true that we are working on hybrid power already,” said Hacker. “For now, all I will say is that we are working on a very precise technical solution, but there is no final decision on how to deploy the concept.” 

Hacker said the potential weight gain from running a hybrid powertrain and the impact that would have on a car’s pace and agility were major concerns. 

“Adding mass to performance cars is never ideal,” he said. “But if we can use electrification to install more performance, then we start to have the answers. That might be more speed, or it might be the ability for a car to be driven on electric power in a city. It might also be the case that we need different answers to that question in different cities.” 

Hacker’s answer suggests that tighter emissions regulations could force BMW to electrify M cars in the short term if they are to retain their sales appeal of being usable every day. However, he also stressed that the latest generation of electric technology, set to be launched by BMW in 2021, offered engineers far more options than ever before. 

“The better the batteries and the more efficient the electric motors, the better the solutions will be for M,” he said. “We are working on always making better cars.” 

Hacker also confirmed BMW was committed to building combustion-engined M cars for as long as it was legislatively possible. “For some enthusiasts, they will always have advantages, and we have seen with the sales of the M2, which are well past expectations, that these are the kinds of cars many enthusiasts still want,” he said. 

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ditrc123 2 November 2020

Amazing Car

Unavoidable without a doubt, yet great on them for affirming unadulterated enthusiats still want to have a petroleum motor in the powertrain, aslong as the hardware is made lighter I think in 5-10 years the weight distinction will be underestimated. Additionally, I figure the motors can be made with more modest limit and overtunned as the ordinary pressure can be attributed more on the electric engines. Energizing occasions I think, I trust it's in those subrands (M division, AMG, Ford Performance, etc...) that we will see the ICE make due for a long time, atleast until they figure out how to improve the sound and in general allure of the electric engines.

ulric kaka 7 November 2019

electric car

amazing to read about MW is entering in electric car production will help them to compete with tesla. that's good and also increase the graphic in the car and also help the logosight will help them to increase the quality of Car and that is the best thing to modify in the car. Logo sight can do amazing job for this BMW car to get modify the interior and graphics.

Ubberfrancis44 22 November 2017

And who knows....

Maybe those engines will be running on something like Mazda's algae biofuel in 10-15 years.