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Our reporters empty their notebooks and round up this week's gossip from across the automotive industry

This week’s gossip from the automotive industry has news of Jaguar's Special Vehicle Operations offering tailored modifications, the reasons behind cutting the RCZ from Peugeot's range, and why Aston Martin is grateful to Porsche for launching the 911 R.

Bespoke modifications from SVO

Jaguar's SVO special projects division is building up its bespoke department with the intention of offering customers any modification they want in future.

“We’ll be able to do the modifications they want, how they want,” said SVO boss John Edwards.

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Unprofitable Peugeot RCZ cut

The Peugeot RCZ was killed off because it didn’t have enough of a positive impact on the firm’s wider image to justify its loss-making sales, according to boss Maxime Picat.

“The RCZ was existing for itself,” he said. “It was a beautiful car that we all loved but which had no knock-on benefits for the brand image.”

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Mini growth is natural

Mini has defended the significant increase in the size of its core hatchback over the years.

Product boss Ralph Mahler said the original 1959 model stayed in production for more than 40 years with no increase in size, whereas the Porsche 911, launched around the same time as the Mini, had ended up with similar growth to that of today’s Mini but with evolutionary steps along the way.

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Porsche 911 R helps Aston Martin

Aston Martin Special Projects boss Dave King believes Porsche “did them a favour” with the launch of the 911 R at the Geneva show.

“They made a car that’s stripped out, back to basics and at a premium price,” he said. “It shows there’s interest in the market.”

It’s a market Aston Martin itself is competing in, with the new Vantage GT8.

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Bentley to race, not supply

Bentley has no plans to compete in motorsport as an engine supplier, boss Wolfgang Dürheimer has revealed.


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“Being associated with racing through a badge on the driver’s overalls is not in our plans,” he said.

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