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German manufacturer delivers a total of 1,455,123 vehicles in 2012, hitting an all-time record

Audi hit all-time record sales in 2012, delivering 1,455,123 vehicles to customers, up some 11.7 percent on 2011.

The brand turned over £42.6bn and operating profits were up marginally in 2012 to £4.7bn, a good result, Audi says, because of the substantial investment being made in future models and production facilities. Audi’s return on sales margin was 11 percent and its return on investment 30.9 percent.

Audi’s biggest selling model last year was the Audi A4 saloon, which saw sales of 216,012. The A4 saloon was closely followed by the A6 saloon (214,129 units) and the Audi Q5 which saw 205,986 sales in 2012. Audi also shifted 57,778 A6 Avants.

The biggest gains were seen with the Audi Q3, which saw sales leap to 91,841 units from 2011’s part-year sales of 9288. The Audi Q7 also sold 56,193 units in 2012 and the A5 Sporback also saw strong sales at 53,522 units.

Lamborghini, which is part of the Audi brand group, sold 2083 cars in 2012, up from 1602 in 2011. The total was made up of 1161 Gallardos and 922 Aventadors. Ducati, Audi’s third brand, sold 41,102 motorcycles, a record for the Italian company.

Audi boss Rupert Stadler says Audi sales have doubled in the last 10 years and that the brand achieved all-time high sales in all regions of the world. Sales were up 28 percent in Asia Pacific and up 12 percent up in North America.

Audi sales in the UK reached 123,000 units, 7 percent up on 2011 and Audi is now 'neck and neck' with BMW in the UK. 


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warren_S3 13 March 2013

I bought an Audi S3 because....

.... it was cheaper than a Golf R

Citytiger 13 March 2013

The people defending buying

The people defending buying an Audi over the slightly less well engineered Skoda/SEAT/VW equivalent are the same people that slated Jaguar, for basing the X-Type on the Mondeo platform, which at the times was a far better platform than anything VAG had at the time, and is probably as good as anything they have now, its badge snobbery believing because its german its better, when for a large percentage of the time it isnt, and all of the road testers at the time praised the way Jaguar had shown Audi how to set up a 4WD car at its first attempt, and Audi to this day still havent really mastered it. 

Ratho1 13 March 2013

Why do we choose Audi cars ?

Two years ago I was in the market for a new car, wishing to exchange my Lexus IS. ALL dealer exchange values were poor for what I considered to be a great car. It was quiet, refined and utterly reliable, but I needed to have a smaller car, A3 size. So, naturally I test drove a whole range of models. When it came to the VW group there was no doubt in my mind which was the best buy, the A3. It was the quietest, had best suspension, best interior by far and when all add-ons were taken into account there wasn't £1000 difference between cheapest and worst and the A3. Just to give one example, I found that the Skoda Fabia vRS  was fun to drive but sound insulation was poor, the noise levels were sky high, the floor pan felt flimsy, the rear suspension wasn't damped properly,( torsion bars ? ) I could go on. Reliability ? Who knows, but 2 years on and 28,000  trouble free miles later I am quite happy with my choice, although a few more m.p.g. would be nice. In other words you get what you pay for. Snobbery isn't a motive.