Currently reading: Lotus Engineering committed to combustion engine development
Hethel's engineering arm heavily engaged in engine management programmes for "lots of" third-party clients

The development of super high-output hypercar engines will keep Lotus Engineering busy on combustion-engine development as the ICE deadline approaches in 2030/2035.

“We still have lots of clients who are, in some cases, taking absolute maximum advantage of things like the 2030 deadline looming,” said Mark Stringer, commercial director of Lotus Engineering.

Lotus is supplying its advanced 16-bit T-Series engine-management system and ECU to various projects and taking advantage of its experience in global certification programmes, especially in the US, to keep the 22 ICE test cells at Hethel busy as Lotus Cars looks to an all-electric line-up within a matter of years. 

According to Lotus Engineering's head of business development, Lee Jeffcoat, Lotus has built up a solid list of hypercar projects, “because we’ve got our own products in the US market with our own ECU, we know exactly what to do, the processes to follow and have all the software with the calibrations to apply to customer engines”.

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