Currently reading: First Bentley EV set to replace Mulsanne as firm's range topper
CEO Adrian Hallmark expects Crewe's first electric car to be at the forefront of battery capacity

Bentley will begin testing its first EV later this year, and it's likely to be the priciest model in the line-up, CEO Adrian Hallmark has revealed in an Autocar Business webinar hosted today.

While Hallmark refused to be drawn on whether the car, which will go on sale in 2025, will be a high-riding saloon or an SUV, both of which have been rumoured, he did confirm that it will occupy a new price point for the firm while drawing reference to the old Mulsanne limousine.

Confirming that the EV will be set apart from the current line-up on price, he said: “Today all of our products are in a very tight price band. So I can say that we would like to either go up or down in order to exploit the brand further in terms of its potential.”

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