Currently reading: Stellantis Google decision shows cracks in big-tech takeover
Stellantis cools on using Google’s operating system for new-generation infotainment

Google’s takeover of the dashboard was looking inevitable after the likes of Volvo, Renault, General Motors and Stellantis began rolling out the Android Automotive Operating System for their in-car infotainment. Then in June came Apple’s announcement that it would expand CarPlay to power the entire infotainment system, should car makers want it.

In July, analyst company S&P Global Mobility declared in a special report that Google was “taking the lead”, predicting Android Automotive OS would grab an 18% share by 2027, up from 1% now.

But Stellantis has now cooled on its Google ambition, prompting the question: is the expected big-tech takeover of the dashboard really that inevitable?

The benefit of running Android Automotive OS (as opposed to phone mirroring add-on Android Auto) was that you could then tap into Google Automotive Services, which offers voice control, embedded Google Maps and access to the ever expanding Google Play app store.

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