Currently reading: Ford Fiesta axed to make space for new electric cars in Cologne
Ford Model E boss Martin Sander reveals Fiesta "had to go" as part of $2bn electrification push

The Ford Fiesta was axed as the brand “needed the space in the factory” in its switch to electrification.

Martin Sander, general manger of Ford's Model E electrification division in Europe, told Autocar that the decision was “not one we did light-heartedly, but we have to do something” if the Ford business was to change.

“We decided to build our first high-volume electric vehicle here in Cologne,” said Sander. “There comes the point where we need the space for construction, because we are turning the Fiesta plant into a fully battery-electric plant. This is why we had to make a decision that we have to stop Fiesta production.”

Sander said that when Ford was reviewing its European factories a few years ago, Cologne was “the best place and most natural place to make this major investment” in electrification.

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