Currently reading: Stellantis vows to comply with sanctions on Russia
Firm has set up taskforces to monitor its Ukrainian employees and react quickly to new sanctions

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares said any decision on how the firm will alter its operations in Russia "depends very much on what the politicians are going to decide".

He told reporters: "We're expected to be a compliant corporation. We comply with the rules, laws and regulations in peacetime and we comply with sanctions in wartime."

Last Thursday, when Russia invaded Ukraine, Stellantis set up a dedicated taskforce to monitor the wellbeing of its 71 Ukrainian employees (who were safe as of last night) and now has another taskforce specifically to "translate these sanctions, that are decided by the hour, into business decisions".

As for whether the firm's production output will be impacted by the severe economic sanctions imposed upon Russia, Tavares said: "So far, those sanctions are very targeted, but of course there will be a point in time when the plants are unable to run.

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