Currently reading: Start-up Arrival warns it could lay off 800 staff to fund van project
British firm currently employs 2600, with 30% at risk “in response to the challenging economic environment”

UK electric van start-up Arrival has warned it might have to lay off almost 800 employees as part of a cash-saving exercise to enable it to fulfil its plan to start production in autumn this year.

The company has proposed a reorganisation of its business “in response to the challenging economic environment”, it said in a statement to investors. The reorganisation “could potentially impact up to 30% of employees globally”, it added.

Arrival employs 2600 globally, the company said in April, meaning that 780 could be made redundant if the company goes ahead with the proposed 30% cut in numbers. The majority of Arrival’s employees work in the UK. Around 70% of Arrival’s workforce are engineers, it has said.

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