Currently reading: Exclusive: Aston Martin CEO on new DB12 and firm's next "big task"
Ex-Ferrari boss Felisa explains how Aston Martin is gearing up to enter super-luxury market

The new Aston Martin DB12 represents a giant leap forward from the DB11 and a vital change of emphasis for the embattled but ambitious Gaydon company. 

However, even more crucial than a model change has been the appointment, exactly one year ago, of 77-year-old Amedeo Felisa as Aston CEO. Italian-born Felisa ran Ferrari for eight successful and highly creative years until he retired in 2016, but he was persuaded back last year to replace former Mercedes-AMG chief Tobias Moers at Aston. 

Since then, it has become apparent that the management and leadership styles of the two men could hardly be more different. 

Whereas Moers was strident and combative (sparking resignations among key staff), Felisa has communicated a desire for market-leading standards by being mild-mannered and emollient: he was a popular leader at Ferrari, using an quarter-century’s experience in top car jobs to convince rather than to cajole. 

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