Currently reading: JLR cuts order backlog to 185,000 as production rises to 2021 levels
British firm sold over 100,000 cars to customers between April and June; another 93,000 wholesale sales made with dealers

JLR has begun to cut through its substantial order book backlog, reducing it by 15,000 cars since the end of March as it posted its best production numbers since Q4 FY2021.

This, the company formerly known as Jaguar Land Rover said, was down to the continuing improvement in chip and other supply constraints that had hammered production over the past couple of years, allowing a ramp-up in customer deliveries with around 100,000 cars rolling off production lines.

These constraints pushed waiting orders to a high of 215,000 at the end of 2022, with the financial year finishing (31 March) at 200,000.

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