Currently reading: Jaguar, Defender, Discovery and Range Rover split in JLR agency shift
Jaguar Land Rover will move to an agency model in the UK by the end of 2024

Jaguar Land Rover’s plan to shift all of its UK dealers to the so-called ‘agency model’ by the end of 2024 will include a reorganisation of its showrooms as a “house of brands” where Jaguar, Range Rover, Discovery and Defender will all have their discrete area, JLR’s UK head of sales has said.

The most radical change, however, will be the shift to agency itself, under which JLR will take control of the buying process, whether online or via the showroom, with the dealers paid an agent fee for handling each sale.

That’s a big departure from the current wholesale model, whereby JLR sells cars to their dealer network. That works well in that JLR recoups its money quickly, but it also hands the dealer responsibility for the final sale price – and ultimately, it becomes them and not the car company that forms a bond with the buyers.

When the car maker sells directly to the buyer, however, that changes.

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