Currently reading: Self-driving Nissan Leafs to be trialled on rural and residential roads
Government-backed evolvAD project will build base for mass deployment of autonomous cars

A Nissan-led autonomous driving project will target the UK’s residential and single-track rural roads in a push to make the country more equipped to introduce self-driving vehicles.

Launched today, the evolvAD project will test a fleet of adapted Nissan Leafs over the next 21 months to assess if self-driving vehicles can be used outside of cities and in less-connected areas.

Fitted with Nissan’s advanced autonomous tech, the electric cars will utilise infrastructure such as CCTV in residential areas to improve situational awareness. 

This also creates a test study on how vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) systems can be used to enhance the performance of self-driving vehicles, which may allow for the creation of new V2I technologies, said Nissan, the UK government and their four project partners.

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