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A selection of our most-viewed, and most unusual, video comparisons between production cars, track-bred racing cars and motorcycles

Autocar recently pitched the Porsche 911 Turbo S road car against a Formula 4 single-seater race car, which has a 183bhp 2.0-litre engine and can hit 62mph in 2.94 seconds.

Unfair competition? Perhaps, although as you can see in the video we made of the comparison test, the German supercar proves more than capable of holding its own in some areas.

Porsche 911 versus full-blown single-seater is one of many intriguing face-off videos we've produced, pitching high-performance road cars against a smörgåsbord of rivals, including racing bikes, track-day specials – and even the humble Dacia Duster. Here's a selection of the most popular.

1. Ariel Atom V8 versus Citroën DS3 rally car versus BMW HP4 Superbike

We pitch Ariel's ultimate track day toy against Citroën's 600bhp DS3 rallycross car, as well as a BMW superbike. While on paper the bike may look like the weak link in this test, it's got 193bhp and weighs just 169kg. Which will win this ultimate drag race?

2. Nissan GT-R versus Ducati 1098S

In another bike versus car face-off, Ducati's 150bhp, 180kg 1098S superbike takes on the 473bhp Nissan GT-R around Cadwell Park. Which can set the best lap time?

3. Nissan GT-R versus Formula 3 racing car

This time, the Nissan GT-R has to try to hold off a Formula Three racing car. The F3 car has 220bhp, 550kg and rear-wheel drive, but can it outpace the four-wheel drive GT-R?

4. McLaren 12C versus Honda Civic BTCC racer versus Honda Fireblade

We take a supercar, a superbike and a race car to Rockingham for an epic race. The 12C produces 616bhp from its twin-turbo V8 engine and has a kerb weight of 1474kg, but will that be enough to defeat the 1280kg Honda Civic BTCC car and 165kg Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade?

5. Audi R8 V10 Plus versus Ducati Diavel

We pit Audi's V10-powered R8 Plus supercar against the 162bhp Ducati Diavel motorbike. In this showdown, the contest is to see which is most effective at sprinting from 0-150mph and then braking back down to a standstill again.

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6. Corvette ZR1 versus AC Mk6 drag race

With 640bhp, the Corvette ZR1 eclipses the 430bhp Mk6 in both size and power. The score is evened by the ZR1's weight, however, because it tips the scales at half a tonne heavier than the modern-day take on the Cobra. So which triumphs in a straight drag race?

7. Formula Ford EcoBoost versus Audi R8, BMW M6 and Mercedes A45 AMG

Ford's road-legal 1.0-litre Formula Ford EcoBoost packs 200bhp in a package weighing less than 500kg for some very impressive performance. Impressive enough, perhaps, even to outwit a crop of the best cars from Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

8. Land Rover Bowler EXR S versus Caterham Seven Supersport

The Bowler EXR S produces 550bhp, which on paper should be more than enough to leave the 140bhp Seven Supersport behind. With the Caterham weighing just 520kg, however, the 1750kg Land Rover has a fight on its hands. Cue a face-off on Millbrook's outer handling circuit.

9. Dacia Duster versus Ginetta G40R

It's arguably the most unusual race we've ever devised: the £11,000 four-wheel-drive, 105bhp Dacia Duster takes on the £30,000 rear-wheel-drive Ginetta G40 R, which produces 200bhp. Which will triumph on a wet track?

Tell us about your favourite video, and your suggestions for future vehicle challenges, in the comments section below.

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