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A compelling package - and one which should be another crossover hit for Nissan

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SUV, coupé and even motorcycle styling meet in likeable compact crossover

With its exaggerated styling, the Nissan Juke takes the notion of a crossover in a new direction

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8 July 2010

Saw an orange one of these parked up the other day and I have to say it looked amazing. Doesn't look so great in the photos but in the flesh it was simply brilliant.



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8 July 2010

Struth, but that is truly hideous!

8 July 2010

Looks as if a RAV4 on steroids.

8 July 2010

Nissan's attempt to fill its range with off-roaders and soft roaders will likely leave it struggling to meet the EU's corporate CO2 average, so it is then easy to see why cars such as the leaf become increasingly important irregardless of its poor range.

8 July 2010

Makes the Range Rover Roll-Over (sorry, Evoque) starting at around £35k, i.e.£40k OTR with options, look a bigger nonense

8 July 2010

My wife and I are seriously considering this as our next car. We currently have a Mazda 2 TS2 which will be 3 years old in september.

We were looking at the new Meriva but for one in a decent spec (SE) it's best part of £19k OTR which for a vauxhall is crazy.

My wife loves the looks, I'm not so sure on them. I love the equipment level but I just can't get over the side profile of the rear of that amphibious front-end look.

To make matters worse our local Mazda garage has an 9 month old RX8 with 6,000 miles for £13k (I know, tax + fuel costs are expensive).

Our budget is £16-£17k, should I give in and get one? Help! Any sensible suggestions on alternatives?

8 July 2010

These Nissan execs have a set of balls! Imagine them all suited, standing around a clay mock up some two years ago and saying "yeh, lets go with it".

Love it or Loathe it, from someone who has worked deep within the motor industry in development, that decision has to be applauded.

Hello Germans, ever though about thinking outside the box.......nein. Problem is the vast British car buying public are so staid, all they want is anodyne Golfs and 3 series. The herd mentality.

Choose your colour carefully with this one though, love to see one in white.

8 July 2010

[quote McJohn]

Struth, but that is truly hideous!


I agree. I am struggling to see how this car, as some people have put it, is amazing. The MINI countryman, another car that has questionable looks, is almost a thing of beauty next to this abortion. Just a lot of fussy detailing all over the place and an interior/dash that looks old hat even by Rover 45 standards.

8 July 2010

This is not a 'highly stylish' car as the article suggests but a 'highly styled' car. There is a difference. This car is just weird for weirds sake, like Bangle and the Lancia interior designers of their 80's output got together ... smoked some jazz cigarettes and drew this.

Vomit inducing.

8 July 2010

[quote Autocar]engines include a normally aspirated 1.6 of 85bhp, the likely best-seller[/quote]

According to nissan website there is no 1.6 85bhp engine, they list a 117ps 1.6.

Please Haymarket, sack all staff.

No sarcastic appologies either. Just resign in honour.

The Emperor is not as forgiving as i am.


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