Nissan Juke - car of the decade - front

Matt Prior's car of the decade: Nissan Juke

We asked leading Autocar writers to pick a favourite car of the past 10 years. Matt Prior eats humble pie and picks a car that reshaped the compact hatch market

Ariel Nomad vs Triumph Scrambler
Even with a 0-60mph time of under 4sec, the Nomad struggled to stay close to the sprightly Scrambler

Our favourite video of 2019: Ariel Nomad vs Triumph Scrambler

Two and four-wheeled British marques battled off in our favourite video of the year. Our man in the Nomad reflects on the experience

JCB Fastrac Two
The JCB Fastrac Two is the world's fastest tractor

Christmas road test: the world's fastest tractor

The JCB Fastrac has 150mph potential. Yes, really. We drive it

Sutton Mustang CS800 2019 UK first drive review - hero front
First Drive

Sutton CS800 Mustang 2019 UK review

Sutton Bespoke's take on the Ford Mustang is the CS800, which has more power than its name suggests and plenty of attitude to go with it

Porsche 911
Our testers get through more tyres than choccy Digestives these days

Matt Prior: Fast & Furious is good, tyre-shredding fun - if you've got the rubber to spare

Latest FF film shoots for thrills and succeeds, but real life heavy driving takes a toll

Bowler Defender Challenge
We've driven the Bowler Defender Challenge in all sorts of muck

Bowler must keep its independent spirit

Jaguar Land Rover's purchase of the extreme 4x4 firm is a natural step

The shape of things to come... until our back pains go away

Matt Prior: The SUV is no fad... just so long as we don't fix our backs

With their smooth rides and higher seating positions, SUVs' ease of use means they're going to be around for a while

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Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster 2019 UK first drive review - hero front
First Drive

Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster 2020 UK review

Combining AMG’s more focused dynamic set-up with the lesser capable of two bodystyles makes for compromises

Faraday Future FF 91 E interior
If you're watching the screens, who's doing the driving?

Matt Prior: The connectivity trend is a car with no wheels

Faraday Future is the latest firm to push the car as a digital playground, but we've got all the tech we need on our phones

Ferrari Roma
When in Rome: Ferrari's launch was same day as Elva's

Matt Prior: Ferrari's competitiveness shows in the new Roma

The prancing horse firm has long had a habit of reacting to rivals, and its latest V8-powered coupe takes aim at the McLaren Elva and Aston's DB11

Ford GT 1

Bred for endurance: Ford GT race car driven on track

We sampled the Ford GT on the road and in a simulator. Now we drive the outgoing racing car untamed and in its natural environment



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