Best selling car in every major global car market

2020 was a year that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons – and the pandemic affected the car market too. We take a look at global best-sellers that succeeded despite everything

9 March 2021

The crossovers that were ahead of their time

The Nissan Qashqai may have popularised the crossover, but it wasn’t the first example. Here are 20 golden oldies

8 March 2021

Screen stars: how to buy the film cars of your dreams

Fancy a car from the silver screen? Forget the DB5 and DeLorean – here are some of the more affordable alternatives

7 March 2021

Smart used cars for not much cash

We take a look at some used cars that will turn heads but not drain your wallet

6 March 2021

World's great motorsport safety cars - and one to forget

Safety cars on race tracks are mighty important. We have a look at the best - and the worst

3 March 2021

Every Car of the Year winner - and how they prospered

The Toyota Yaris won Car of the Year for 2021, and Autocar was one of the judges and organisers. We take a trip down memory lane to judge all the previous winners

2 March 2021

The classic hot hatches disappearing from our roads

Too many hot hatches of the 1980s and 1990s are facing a fight for survival. Grab one of these rare gems while you can

28 February 2021
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Brilliant & affordable classics at auction this weekend

Fancy spending up to £10,000 on a classic car? Here are our picks from this weekend’s Anglia Car Auctions classic sale

27 February 2021

Used cars that should cost you nothing to own

Steep depreciation is the price for buying a brand-new car, but carefully selected second-hand ones come with virtually a money-back guarantee

26 February 2021

The greatest in-house tuning divisions

AMG, M Sport and Ford Performance are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the leading tuning divisions, as we explain

25 February 2021



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