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Exclusive: Behind the scenes at Shelby's headquarters

The temple of horsepower is where Fords go to reach performance nirvana - we take an exclusive look at the company's base in Las Vegas

17 January 2020

A bluffer’s guide to Mini

Mini has just celebrated its 60th birthday. In this story we chart down everything you need to know about Mini today

16 January 2020

110 years of Alfa Romeo greats

As Alfa celebrates its big 110th birthday, Autocar looks at its greatest cars

15 January 2020

10 amazing ways planes helped cars get better

Aviation technology had an outsize influence on the world of cars. Autocar investigates the biggest advances

13 January 2020

The greatest Ferraris we’ve ever tested

Here we list the most fantastic and mind-boggling prancing horses we've ever had the pleasure of testing

12 January 2020

The largest engines to deliver the smallest power

American carmakers struggled to meet emissions regulations in the 1970s

9 January 2020

The strangest driving laws in the world

Find out where you'll land in jail for speeding and where you can't carry too many potatoes

8 January 2020
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The SUVs that changed the world

With the ever-increasing popularity of SUVs showing no sign of stopping we take a look back at the cars that defined the genre

7 January 2020

The most dangerous things you can do in a car

Most car accidents are caused by human error – here we explore the most common mistakes made that can lead to crashes

6 January 2020

Secrets of the cars that did a million miles – on one engine

We celebrate some cars that defied all the odds to make it to a million - and sometimes a lot more

5 January 2020

MG: celebrating the birthday of a British legend

This year MG celebrated its 95th birthday. Or did it?

2 January 2020

How to keep your car in perfect condition this winter

Preventive maintenance and basic car care go a long way

1 January 2020


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