So, to put you out of whatever misery, and because I haven’t given you nearly enough clues, you might like to know that I’ve bought a 2002 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Shogun.

Yes it is a direct replacement for the rather less-than-reliable Disco we used to run. It’s got up to seven seats, which is all the Mitsubishi has in common with the Land Rover in my opinion. But the most different thing about the Shogun, apart from the fact it won’t break down, is that it is petrol. 

Yes it’s got a great big 3.5-litre V6 engine, which is fantastic. The Disco diesel sounded like a cement mixer and largely drove like one, too. It has been a revelation to have an engine that you can’t actually hear from tickover to 70 something mph on the motorway. The tyres are wonderful balloons, not a low-profile rim anywhere, so it soaks up all those nasty pot holes.

The Shogun is super comfy and that’s important at my time of life. Well, when I get to take a ride or drive in it. However, it isn’t quite as comfy as Shed 7, but when we need seven seats then it’s much less of a squeeze.

Obviously that V6 engine uses a bit more than the nasty, noisy diesel — but I think it is easily worth it. It won’t do a lot of miles, it just bobs about locally with the odd fully loaded long-haul trip.

So far, so good. The interior is exceedingly plastic, but so was the Disco, plus it had added water leaks. The Shogun also has that thin, slippery leather unique to Japanese vehicles.

It isn’t an import, seems to have been looked after and so far all I’ve added is petrol. I presume I’ll be doing quite a lot of that over the coming years.

So what used car are you going to buy next? A stupidly thirsty 4x4, a town centre assault vehicle or something exciting like a Bugatti Veyron? Do tell.