Writing stories about the demise of the Ford Fiesta a few months ago had me wondering: just what would Ford dealers be able to say and to offer Fiesta buyers when their current finance deals came to an end?

Britain’s one-time most popular car has been swapped one into another by buyers for years, personal and happy relationships having been built up with dealers as a result thanks to a storied little supermini. 

As a household, we were going to be in that position very soon. Our 20-plate Fiesta was coming to the end of its three-year PCP term this summer. We’re serial Ford and Fiesta owners: I’ve had two Fiestas, my partner the same again, plus another couple of Kas. 

News of the Fiesta’s future made me more acutely aware that we needed to decide what to do with it come this summer. So I made good use of a week off last week and did something about it.

Confirmed: Ford Fiesta to be axed in 2023

The calls had started from the dealer about coming in for a conversation and getting into another new car, but in truth we were never going to go down that route anyway, thus missing out on hearing the answer to what I’d posed above. It probably wouldn’t be that dramatic or awkward anyway: an upsell to a Ford Puma, or another Fiesta given that you can get them for now… 

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Anyway, for a few years our household has been on the PCP train for car buying. Then you-know-what happened back in March 2020, and suddenly the family motor’s mileage started to average little more than 2500 miles a year. Signing up to another deal on a new car seemed a misplaced use of personal finances, so we’d either keep the car, having bought it outright by paying off the PCP balloon payment, or explore another used option.