Special editions: are they really that special?

These are the creation of the new car marketing droids who are thinking of enhanced sales with the promise of a snazzy paint job and a few extra pieces of kit. Traditionally, that never translates into anything like higher used car values, thank goodness; it just makes the vehicle rather more saleable to people like us. So are there any that we should be taking a closer look at?

Rustling around the cheapies, I was delighted to stumble across a 1993 Volvo 440 XI Limited Edition at just £395. It’s one of those ironically hip – rather than hip replacement– nouveau not-quite classics. With racing green paint, sports seats and I don’t know what else, it will always make £395 for as long as it can pass an MOT. The rarity special-edition factor will always help, too, even if the automatic transmission doesn’t.