Needed to make a mid-week trip down to Hampshire last night and, having recently spent quite a lot of time behind the wheel of Evo’s (two trips to the Alps and back in the last three weeks), I snaffled the keys to Matt Saunders’ new long-term Laguna Coupe.

Renault-Laguna-Coupe Having tried pretty much every other variant, and come away more than a little disappointed, I was interested to see if the big V6 diesel makes any more sense. Which it does. The engine and gearbox provide the smooth, assured pace you want from a coupe and the ride, although still not brilliant, is better.

As Saunders has said, it’s not hugely convincing when you’re tooling around town, but as a long distance cruiser it works pretty well. It’s just a shame that the pick of the range, at £27k, is also the most expensive.


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