Went to the world-famous Nardo test track in southern Italy last week and drove a whole bunch of top-secret prototypes, none of which I can talk about but some of which will be on sale in an exotic supercar showroom near you soon (ish).

It was an incredible experience and a genuine privilege, being asked to be involved at such an early stage in the development of such exciting cars, and by such a highly regarded manufacturer.

(Pic courtesy of NASA)

It’s not something I’ve ever been invited to do before. Some of the cars I drove are at least two years away from production, so the feedback I provided might even make some sort of a difference. Maybe.

Nardo itself is an utterly beguiling place, deep in the heel of Italy, right in the middle of a beautifully deserted seascape, where the local restaurants serve the kind of simple seafood dishes that TV chefs tend to wet their trousers over.