I’ve always been a bit sceptical about the whole eco-driving process. Crawling away from traffic lights and driving around without the air-con on don’t ever feature highly on my list of journey “must dos”.

Today, however, armed with an open mind and an unusually light right foot, I took part in the BP Ultimate GB Fuel Efficiency Challenge in a Ford Focus 1.6-litre ECOnetic.

For half an hour, I drove around a set course in mid-morning London traffic to see if BP and Anthony from Millbrook’s Proving Ground could teach me to be a more fuel-efficient driver.

Anthony told me that there are three main driving techniques you can use to become a more fuel efficient driver and, in turn, save up to 30 per cent on you fuel bills.

First, make sure you don’t over rev the engine before changing gear. As a rough guide, it’s time to change up when you see 2000rpm on your diesel’s rev counter, and 2500rpm on your petrol’s.