Took a trip down to the Land Rover Experience centre at Eastnor Castle on Tuesday to try the new Discovery 4 off road.

Even with the knowledge that the place is designed to flatter Land Rover products, I came away hugely impressed by what the Discovery can achieve, and with minimal fuss or driver skill.

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It really helped to follow another Discovery, to see the extent to which the wheels have to move to find traction or climb obstacles, because from the cabin you’d never imagine what was going on beneath you.

It was all going so well until, rounding a corner, on a track not regularly used by the instructors, we found our route blocked by a fallen tree.

I was ready to start reversing back the way we came, but the guys from LR had other ideas. Using a huge tow rope we used the Disco to break free branches small enough that we could lift clear.

It took a while and fair amount of effort (both by us and the Disco) but step by step we cleared a path through.

I think the Land Rover guys were slightly embarrassed that their usually slick experience had not run entirely to plan, but there was no need. A little light weeding made the ‘experience’ all the more real.

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