God loves a trier, I’ve been told – even if sometimes, you just can’t overcome the odds. I’ve recently enjoyed several trips home in our long-term Hyundai i10, and relished its ability to respond to a good caning and embarrass far more capable machinery. So much so, in fact, that I’ve started watching out for other over-ambitious motorists whose goals lie some way beyond the limits of their machinery.

Last night, as I pootled around a roundabout on the outskirts of Farnborough, I caught sight of a gem. The inside line in this unlikely duel was being held by a Porsche 911 – but it was being comprehensively bullied by, of all things, a Nissan Tino.

This entirely forgettable piece of Japanese MPV-ness was carrying a few scars (and at least one under-pressure tyre, to judge from the colossal amount of body roll). Its front-left corner was practically scraping along the ground, such was its driver’s determination to swat the pesky sports car out of its way.

As the road straightened, though, the Porker began to holds it own more effectively. And its driver soon began to ease clear, in a manoeuvre that must have caused agony to his rival.

Me? I backed off, allowed the Tino to pass, and gave him a little nod of approval. Good try, fella.