How many of you reckoned we'd make it to Scotch Corner then? Not many, I suspect - and nor did we, frankly.

On our way north in BMW's electric Mini, Sheffield proved too far as a stopover. At constant speed on the motorway, the Mini quickly runs out of power. With no brake energy regeneration to top it up, it actually burns through battery charge faster than the car's remaining range predictor can allow for.

That meant diverting to Nottingham, to the Victoria shopping centre, where Elektromotive - the company responsible for most of the on-street charging points you see around London - has a number of 13 amp charging posts. We were lucky to find one next to an empty parking bay; the one next to it was rendered inaccessible by a badly parked C-class. Note to car park operators: if you're going to bother with charging posts, make the parking bays next to them EV-only

We pitched up at 2.00pm with 26 per cent battery charge showing, and six hours, several coffees, dinner and an unofficial city tour later, we left with 76 per cent charge available, and 88 miles of range - according to the Mini.

That ruled out Scotch Corner; the utopian-sounding Travelodge Leeds Colton became our next best destination - 68 miles away.