In this country a Lamborghini and noise regulations don’t sit together well. A regular Gallardo is loud enough to get you red flagged from some track days, and even the more lenient tracks we visit draw the line at the Superleggera.

In Italy though things are different. If you’re in a fast car things are fine, and if it’s an Italian fast car, making as much noise as possible is practically compulsory.

Watch Jamie Corstorphine's Lamborghini Super Trofeo video test drive here

Just before Christmas I had the chance to have a go in a Gallardo Super Trofeo race car at a Vallelunga – a fantastic track just outside Rome – which was a complete privilege.

Anyway, there’s a video on the site today, in which, in between the twaddle coming out of my mouth, hopefully you should be able hear just quite how loud the car is.

Then consider that the Super Trofeo was only the third loudest car testing that day – behind a GT3 Gallardo and a truly mental loud GT1 Murcielago – and you get an idea how relaxed the Italians are towards noise regs.